Next Level Education in Ecological, Social, & Cultural Awareness


Regenerative Lifestyles LLC, follows the triple bottom line business strategy, honoring and respecting our planet Earth, the people that live on it, and creating prosperity for all. Regenerative Lifestyles exists in order to provide opportunities in ecological, social, cultural and financial systems design and education.  People living in the world’s urban and natural environments are searching for a way to evolve, and greatly benefit from the education and resources we provide, as many of the current systems in place are in need of repair. Regenerative Lifestyles makes available educational tours, workshops, presentations, courses, conferences, and cultural events.


The designs, events, and projects of Regenerative Lifestyles are guided by the principles of Permaculture Design, Earthship Biotecture, and Village Building Design; these core value components are integral to creating whole systems thinking and implementation. Our services provide intellectual cutting edge information with top-notch instructors and experiential learning opportunities.


Our goal is to inspire and help people find the resources and connections they need to align with the patterns of the Earth. By creating mental abundance and social confidence, we have a chance to meet the needs of our planet and our society. The Center for Regenerative Living  is our long-term project, to serve as an education center, demonstration site, and an information-networking hub.
 The vision includes eco-tourist attractions, residential communities, and nightly rental accommodations.


Michael White (aka Mike Wird) is an advanced permaculture designer/consultant/teacher, an artist educator, a natural builder, and a trained real estate investor, promoting environmental stewardship & responsible development practices. Mike is a certified Earthship Biotect, offering building services in alignment with integrated living systems. Bringing people to Earthship Headquarters has influenced hundreds of people to walk their talk!

Mike has been actively cultivating community and teaching for over a decade as a Hiphop Cultural Arts Ambassador, raising awareness about social, economic and ecological issues and their solutions, spreading wildly important ideas with the next generation as well as inter-generationally. Mike shares his dedication to social and environmental justice thru cultural arts and regenerative practices.

Mike teaches Permaculture and Social Design along the Rockies, on tours, and in the nature island of Dominica in the eastern Caribbean. As the founder of Regenerative Lifestyles, his core mission is to provide educational opportunities in eco-social design, and to have fun doing it!