The Center for Regenerative Living

Only minutes from Denver Intl. Airport and Downtown Denver, The Center for Regenerative Living will attract people globally to come and experience regenerative design and practices~

Operating in 3 main industries:

Eco-Tourism: city attraction and destination

Education Facility: services for local community & beyond

Cultural Arts Center: gathering place

In the city, we can meet the needs of our changing world by first realizing our potential for growth. Merging ancient natural building techniques with modern scientific technologies and choosing healthy lifestyle options, and by supporting cutting edge educational, cultural events; we will naturally engage a wide range of communities.

The Center for Regenerative Living has the potential to be a unique experiential example of how we as environmental, social, and financial beings, have the ability to apply permaculture design, earthship biotecture, anticipatory design science, and village building design in the heart of the urban core.

Phase 1: The Center for Regenerative Living

Phase 2: Nightly Rental Accommodations

Phase 3: Residential Communities

Earthship Visitor Center - SOUTHWEST PERSPECTIVE


Draft 1: The Center for Regenerative Living (drawings by Bonsai Design & Build)