Party to Paint the Pavement & Street Mural Painting Day

One of the first large scale projects for our working group, City Repair Boulder is facilitating painting a 12 feet by 130 feet, the Hug n’ Go Lane on Pine Street between 20th & 21st in collaboration with the neighbors, the Whittier International School Community, and YOU! Let’s Paint Party!!!

At Art class, the K-5th grade students were briefed on the importance of Public Art and about the Placemaking movement. They joined in group discussion to learn the scalability of Public Art projects, from painting a rock to building a national monument! They were elemental in co-designing the mural itself! Join us for a fun community building event and street mural painting party!

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CU Community Garden @ SEEC (Sustainability Energy & Environment Complex)

Community Garden at CU Boulder SEEC Work Party Series

Volunteer Opportunities!

Join us to learn more about the Sustainability Energy & Environment Complex Community Garden @ East CU Campus, meet like minded solutionaries, and help install a beautiful perennial & annual Edible Food Garden Landscape for the CU Community, the SEEC Cafe & beyond… More info found here

May 25th, June 20th, June 30th, July 5th, July 7th


Learn the design principles and process of Permaculture. Gain hands-on skills to directly transform the world around you. Relate to the earth symbiotically to create your food, shelter, water and energy. Get training in community building and action planning for a better world. Dig into practical tools for ecological regeneration with experienced practitioners    $366 ENROLL




SUNDAY MAY 7th Noon- 4:00PM

Join Mycologist & Mushroom Cultivator Jim Gibson, for a mind-opening opportunity to learn about the Mushroom Life Cycle and how to interact with and cultivate culinary oyster mushrooms in the home garden. Learn more about the benefits fungi offer our eco-system with this Spring workshop in downtown Boulder, Co
1) Mycology Presentation
2) Hands-On Building an Oyster Mushroom Garden Bed
3) Lunch Provided (Welcome to bring snacks & Potluck after)
4) Bio-remediation with Mushrooms Presentation
5) Plugging Poplar logs with Oyster plugs to bring home

Earthship Tours to the Land of Enchantment

JULY 21 – JULY 23 Visit the Earthship World Headquarters nestled in high plains of the Land of Enchantment, just outside the historical Taos Pueblo in northern New Mexico, the chance of a lifetime to experience a customized tour that is both educational & adventurous.

Bring your group to experience & enjoy…

  • 2-night stay in Luxurious Earthship accommodations
  • Earthship Lecture / Presentation at the Visitor Center / Education Facility
  • Guided Earthship Tour; visit decades of progress in the Greater World Community
  • Concert at the Taos Mesa Brewing Company
  • Adventure to healing & relaxing hot springs of New Mexico
  • Authentic New Mexican Food & Continental Breakfasts
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Perennial Culture Design Strategy Workshop

Perennial Culture~ Intro to Permaculture blends ecological and social design strategy with fun, interactive, intuitive arts and skill building practices. In this 1-day workshop, you will learn about important topics affecting the planet, and strategies to gain confidence in working with people to design our systems. When the world seems as if it is falling apart, eco-social design strategies can help people find their passions & their unique niche. Learning more about our culturally relevant perspectives and experiences assist us in our collective journey as stewards of the Earth. Register here.

Across the Divide- Permaculture Design Course

A Seasonal Permaculture Design Certification Course in Beautiful Boulder, Colorado

One weekend per month – April through October 2017

In this professional course, which offers more than 80-hours of experiential learning, participants will explore new ideas for creating household resiliency, designs for reducing ecological footprint, and patterns for local economies while having outrageous fun! Beyond the classroom we will offer an Academy for further in depth knowledge and a children’s program for parents who would like to take this course, while their kids learn in a safe and fun environment. Register here.