SUNDAY MAY 7th Noon- 4:00PM

Join Mycologist & Mushroom Cultivator Jim Gibson, for a mind-opening opportunity to learn about the Mushroom Life Cycle and how to interact with and cultivate culinary oyster mushrooms in the home garden. Learn more about the benefits fungi offer our eco-system with this Spring workshop in downtown Boulder, Co
1) Mycology Presentation
2) Hands-On Building an Oyster Mushroom Garden Bed
3) Lunch Provided (Welcome to bring snacks & Potluck after)
4) Bio-remediation with Mushrooms Presentation
5) Plugging Poplar logs with Oyster plugs to bring home

Earthship Tours to the Land of Enchantment

JULY 21 – JULY 23 Visit the Earthship World Headquarters nestled in high plains of the Land of Enchantment, just outside the historical Taos Pueblo in northern New Mexico, the chance of a lifetime to experience a customized tour that is both educational & adventurous.

Bring your group to experience & enjoy…

  • 2-night stay in Luxurious Earthship accommodations
  • Earthship Lecture / Presentation at the Visitor Center / Education Facility
  • Guided Earthship Tour; visit decades of progress in the Greater World Community
  • Concert at the Taos Mesa Brewing Company
  • Adventure to healing & relaxing hot springs of New Mexico
  • Authentic New Mexican Food & Continental Breakfasts
  • Register here.

Perennial Culture Design Strategy Workshop

Perennial Culture~ Intro to Permaculture blends ecological and social design strategy with fun, interactive, intuitive arts and skill building practices. In this 1-day workshop, you will learn about important topics affecting the planet, and strategies to gain confidence in working with people to design our systems. When the world seems as if it is falling apart, eco-social design strategies can help people find their passions & their unique niche. Learning more about our culturally relevant perspectives and experiences assist us in our collective journey as stewards of the Earth. Register here.

Across the Divide- Permaculture Design Course

A Seasonal Permaculture Design Certification Course in Beautiful Boulder, Colorado

One weekend per month – April through October 2017

In this professional course, which offers more than 80-hours of experiential learning, participants will explore new ideas for creating household resiliency, designs for reducing ecological footprint, and patterns for local economies while having outrageous fun! Beyond the classroom we will offer an Academy for further in depth knowledge and a children’s program for parents who would like to take this course, while their kids learn in a safe and fun environment. Register here.

Village Building Extravaganza & Permaculture Action Dayz~ October 6-9, 2016


Curious about village building? Want to help create a sense of place in your neighborhood? Join City Repair Project leaders as they share  dynamics that have resulted in the disempowerment and isolation that is characteristic of most North American communities. Then the presentation shifts into high gear, showing numerous strategies and projects that bring people together to collaborate, design, fund, and build real projects that make immediate and lasting impact. At the conclusion, the community gathering tends to be highly motivated to explore possibilities where they live. The process concludes when people are ready to go home and transform the places they live, work and play. 
Thursday, October 6th: The Village Lives, Storytelling what is Possible for Our Future Register here
Friday, October 7th: Repair your City Interactive Workshop Register here

Sat & Sun 10/8, 10/9 Denver Permaculture Confluence! Register here

Article #1~ Integrating Youth for the All-Inclusive PDC~ On the Edge of the Rockies

We’re Published!

YAY! I wrote for the May 2016 issue of Permaculture Design Magazine, about a very special educational experience that occurred over the course of 7 weekends over 7 months, and will continue to grow as our community connects forces again and again, all for the well-being and promotion of people care, planet care, and peace care. Last year, in 2015, 2 of us from Regenerative Lifestyles merged with 3 colleagues and co-founded Rockies Edge Permaculture Design Course, an 80+ hour ecological design course hosted in Boulder, Colorado. Thanks to the support of the Rockies Edge Community, and our amazingly awesome children’s program teachers; Taylor Martin of Rainbow Lightning, Antoinette DeGeorge of Dance to Live, and Ryan Henry of Backyard Revolutions, and to the talented and loving families, we were able to host one of the only all-inclusive PDC’s in existence. CLICK HERE TO READ > Eden article from PcD #100


Permaculture Action Series ~ Sonic Bloom Festival June 13-16

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 6.07.24 AM

Permaculture comes from the terms “permanent agriculture,” or more broadly, “permanent culture,” and encompasses a design process by which humans can create relationships of mutual benefit with the natural world and with each other that provide for an abundance of human needs.  The tools and technologies of permaculture exhibit how humans can move away from an extractive, exploitative paradigm with the earth and one another, and towards systems of symbiosis, ecological regeneration, and community.